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December 2, 2016


Spring Forward is the energizing program that boosts people on the way up.


Spring Forward is a career development program which is an effective next step for people who’ve previously participated in the Springboard or Navigator program. It is also effective as stand-alone development program for people newly in a management role or who are approaching a management role.

Who is it designed for ?
Spring Forward is for men and women who are:

  • new to management

  • considering a move into a management or leadership role

  • eager to progress further in their management or leadership role.

For employers, it reduces the time taken for people to settle into a management role, improves their work performance, gives newly promoted managers the skills and confidence in adapting to their new role and supports people in considering a management role.


What does the program consist of?

Spring Forward is a grounded two to three month program, consisting of four tried, tested and profoundly effective elements:

  1. a two-day workshop followed by a one-day workshop

  2. an individually-tailored, two to three month project

  3. coaching support

  4. an attractive and comprehensive pack of exclusive course materials, including an exclusive, downloadable visualizations/relaxations to provide support

Spring Forward covers:

  • putting your positive attributes to work

  • harnessing your ‘drivers’ for increased success

  • developing and improving your leadership

  • presenting yourself positively as a leader

  • gaining coaching and mentoring that supports your aspirations

  • understanding how your brain ticks – for increased effectiveness

  • how men and women communicate at work

  • creating a vision for the future that puts a spring in your step

  • getting to grips with your perceived barriers to success

  • relaxation and stress management

  • setting imaginative yet realistic goals

  • hearing other people’s perspectives on your issues. (In evaluations, this is the aspect most highly valued by participants.)

  • making an impact in the way you present your ideas.

What results can I expect?


The core of Spring Forward is career development with a management focus and enables participants to:


  • brush away the cobwebs and take an in-depth look at what they are doing and where they are going

  • clarify their aspirations

  • become more focused

  • improve their management performance by gaining insight into how gender, culture and managerial issues influence communication at work

  • implement a healthy stress management strategy

  • revitalize their work/life balance

  • set stretching, yet realistic, new goals

  • make an impact in the way they present themselves and their ideas

  • boost their self-motivation and positive attitude.

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December 2, 2016

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