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Why Success is About Action

January 18, 2017


 Personal and Work Development Program for Men and Women

A specialized development course designed for people relatively new to the workplace, and in the early stages of their careers.

BOOST is a personal and work development program for men and women who are entering the workforce, relatively new to the working world, and in the early stages of their careers. They may be in jobs full time or part time, in apprenticeships or traineeships and could be any age. Boost prepares participants to develop their careers quickly and effectively, by teaching them how to be more career ‘savvy’. The BOOST development program aims to instill a positive sense of direction, boost confidence and teach essential skills that will enable people who are just beginning their careers, to progress rapidly and achieve their goals. The program complements and enhances learning on work-based training schemes.


Who is the BOOST development program suitable for?
BOOST is for those who are new to work or in the early stages of their careers, who are looking to progress and further their careers. It is suitable for men and women of all ages from all walks of life. As well as being used by people at the start of their careers and the beginning of work life, some participants choose to take part in the program after being in work for a year or two so that they can give their work lives focus.

For employers, the BOOST development program enables staff to get to grips with their career goals and make the most of the possibilities on offer to them in order to enable them to give more and get more from their work. In short, BOOST is all about developing new staff, apprentices, trainees and low-level employees to their fullest potential.


What does the BOOST career development program consist of?
Delivered through four one-day workshops, BOOST consists of:

  • an attractive and comprehensive participants folder – which is used during the workshops and in the time between workshops

  • an information resource with materials which complement the workshops and the participants folder

  • a strong support system of helpful mentors

  • guest speakers to provide role models, inspiration and examples

  • opportunities for job shadowing and potential work experience

  • establishing a network of people learning and developing together, involving people from other parts of the organization

Overall, the BOOST career development program looks to help participants to:

  • take clear, practical, realistic steps in careers and personal life

  • recognize personal important goals

  • set realistic career goals

  • boost self confidence

  • boost personal effectiveness

  • aid communication skills

  • make decisions and take action based on core values

  • create a healthy balance between work and personal life

  • be assertive at work

  • make the most of other work-based training programs

  • understand and become comfortable with personal power

  • understand how power works in the workplace, organizations, and society

What results can I expect?
The BOOST career development program does exactly what it says. Participants:

  • become pro-active in their careers

  • develop a focus and direction to their work

  • set realistic and stretching goals

  • identify their strengths in relation to their work

  • become more confident, more focused and more determined to achieve their work and personal goals

  • have a better understanding of how organizations work and where their personal aspirations fit

  • become more aware of the opportunities open to them in their chosen careers and their employing organization

  • improve their networking and contacts

  • get a huge boost from being mentored

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